Hallway with Flexgrain

Flexgrain®, flexible moulding provides an inexpensive and ideal solution for all your curved moulding needs. All Woodgrain profiles are available for any pre-formed or straight applications. For concave, convex, curved windows, doors, and arches; Flexgrain has pre-formed half circles, quarter circles, full circles, ovals, eyebrows, and ellipticals available. For curved wall applications, install Flexgrain flat to the wall and it will follow the bend. Flexgrain can be painted or stained and is available smooth or in any wood grain pattern.

Looking to replicate a historic or unique piece of moulding? Flexgrain has the capability to manufacture custom mouldings to fit any needs. Send a sample of the historic or unique moulding which Flexgrain will use to create a mould and manufacture the needed material. Flexgrain saves time and money versus the alternative of bending traditional wood moulding.

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